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Fresh Milk Trial – 2 Days

Request a Trial of FarmlyFresh milk for free of cost. Every user is offered half a litre of fresh milk for 2 days. After your trial ends, you will receive a call from us for your feedback and suggestions. *This trail is limited to one user from a particular address.

Low Fat Diet Milk Subscription

Low Fat Fresh Milk contains all the vital nutrients intact: but Fat, Reduced
  • Comes in a sealed glass bottle
  • Low Fat concentration
  • Rich in Calcium and Protein
  • Chemical and preservative-free

Paneer Now

Fresh Paneer (cottage cheese) prepared only on pre-orders so that you receive your order soft and fresh. This is a one time buy. If you wish to subscribe our paneer as per your weekly needs Subscribe it from here


Freshly made cream from pure cow milk. No gums, thickeners, stabilizers, artificial ingredients, or colouring agents are ever used in our milk. Cream so pure that you could not only see the difference in taste but also the way it looks.

Matka Dahi

Matka Curd or ‘Matka Dahi' as it is popularly known is the traditional manner of making and eating curd. Curd is known to be a beneficial dairy product and a common ingredient in Indian dishes. Matka Curd comes in both sweet and natural taste. Both of which makes for a delicious and nutritious snack. Due to fermenting in a Matka, the curd has an earthly flavour.

Cow Ghee

FarmlyFresh Ghee is hand made using the age-old traditional method of churning butter from curd and then evaporating water from butter. Pure cow’s milk is used for making this Ghee. The taste and fragrance of this ghee is much richer compared to the industrially made ones. There are no additives or adulterants in the entire ghee making process.

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