Our Team is managed by trained professionals whose bond with the dairy goes back to generations. We believe in not less than 100% customer satisfaction. Apart from our professional achievements, our Team has a rich experience in Dairy farming as we have always remained attached to this generational lineage and also because our upbringing involved learning all the lessons and labour required to maintain a healthy and hygienic farm for quality produce. Our willingness to go above and beyond to satisfy our customers is the key principle of our team.




Dr. Chiranjeevi Acharya


Dr. Chiranjeevi Acharya, CHAIRMAN

Dr. Chiranjeevi Acharya, is PhD Scholar in the Department of Animal Reproduction Gynaecology and Obstetrics at College of Veterinary Science, Assam Agricultural University Guwahati. Chiranjeevi is a Veterinary Gynaecologist by profession. His brought up involved a considerable time in learning the management and the works of a dairy farm.

 He has the experience running a dairy farm not only as a farmer but also as a veterinarian himself. He owns a dairy farm at Khanapara consisting about 70 dairy animals. Besides maintaining a personal farm, he is also young and promising Veterinary doctor with over 6 years of experience particularly dealing with the treatment of large animals by rendering veterinary health services in farms located in and around Guwahati.

 During the course of his visit at different farms and meeting farmers on a frequent basis, he realised that young generation of boys and girls are losing interest in agriculture in general and dairy farming in particular, because they have over time, started thinking lowly of their profession and they believe that this profession has no respect in our society. This is in fact, a grave concern for a country like India whose economy is still dependent on Agriculture. In order to motivate the younger generations and reinstate the pride in their occupation, by providing a quality product to consumers with the use of technology he has come up with the idea of setting up of farmly fresh aiming to deliver the freshly produced goods at consumer’s doorstep.


Binod Khanal is a PhD Scholar at Jawaharlal Nehru University in New Delhi. He has been living in the capital for over seven years pursuing his higher education. His parents too are involved in dairy farming since decades and many generations before them. Hence, he grew up learning all the maintenance works and labour involved in farming. His stay in the capital has been a major inspiration that drew him to this project as he himself realized the scarcity of pure, natural and fresh milk in the market even in the capital which is surrounded by major agricultural producing states in the country.

Upon further research, he found that the situation in cities like Guwahati is far worse. It has become nearly impossible to obtain pure milk in the market today. The only way today to procure pure and unadulterated milk is to get it straight away from a farm which is not possible for the majority of the city folks.

Therefore, with the use of technology, he believed that the farmers could themselves reach out to the people looking for good quality milk and other milk products and get it home delivered. This would, as a result, associate the farmers directly to the consumers. As a person so close to farming still today, he believes that all good farmers want people to have the real taste of their products and the consumer’s appreciation of his product is the only thing he would want after a long day of hard labour and toil.


Binod Khanal


Nandan Pratim Sharma Bordoloi


Nandan Pritam Sharma Bordoloi, DIRECTOR

Mr Nandan Pratim Sharma Bordoloi is a graduate and is currently employed as News editor at News Live, the most viewed news channel in Northeast India. He is an absolute animal lover. He runs an N.G.O named Sahay at College of Veterinary Science Assam Agricultural University where he provides shelter and veterinary aid to the needy animals.

Nandan happens to spend most of his free time with the animals and makes a visit to dairy farms which gives him utmost satisfaction. During the course of his visits, he sees the hardship involved in rearing dairy farms for the rearing of animals, energy that is put by the farmers for production of milk right from waking up at 2 am early morning when the entire country is asleep while the hard-working farmers are awake to carry out their routine operations of the farm just to sustain their livelihood and produce milk for the people. What really bothers him is the misperception that exists about dairy farmers in our society.

The entire community of dairy farmers are discredited due to improper market channels and also because of those vendors who carry out various malpractices and the blame is put on the farmers for providing adulterated produce. Thereby, bringing a bad image of the farmers. Seeing this pity state of the farmers, he finally decided to join hands with FarmlyFresh team right from the day when Farmlyresh decided to reach to bring together the producers and urged them to sell their produce online.


Bishnu Acharyay, is a graduate who holds a degree in BSc Hospitality Management.  He comes from a humble background, fought against all odds to reach where he is today. He is dedicated towards his work and loved for all for his leadership traits.

He is the kind of person who truly believes and follows our age-old belief in ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ and is a proud receiver of 5 consecutive Letter of appreciation from CEO and chairman Club Mahindra. He worked as a Front Office Manager in leading 5-star hotels and currently associated with Lemon tree hotels at Gangtok and holds nearly a decade of experience in his field of specialization. Born and brought up in a dairy farming family. He has a very close association with dairy and was curious since his childhood in learning from his parents the overall works involved in maintaining a dairy farm. He also owns a dairy farm at Khanapara, production of which is nearly 200 litres of milk per day.


Bishnu Acharyay



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