All our orders are delivered FREE of cost. We do not charge any delivery charges for any of our orders whatsoever.

We deliver milk two times a day, in the morning from 7 to 10 AM and 5 to 8 PM in the evening.

ORDERS PLACED (TIMING)                                                                              DELIVERY                           

7 AM TO 3 PM                                                                                                     SAME DAY, EVENING

5 PM TO 11:59 PM                                                                                           NEXT MORNING

12 AM TO 6 AM                                                                                                 SAME DAY, MORNING



After your order is placed, we review and send you a confirmation message. Once confirmed, we schedule the delivery of your order in the next delivery timing. You will receive your order either the same day or the next morning depending on the timing of the order.

Of course. The INVOICE of your transaction will be sent to you immediately to your registered email after the completion of the payment.

Unlike other milk available on the market, we supply milk form our own farm. Right from the birth of the (almost all) animal to its lactating period they are under our watch and maintenance. Hence, we not only know the health records of the animal but also the record of its previous generations. This helps us to keep a watch and prepare it healthily for the lactation. Furthermore, we do not process or add chemicals or preservatives to the milk. We deliver the way it is extracted. RAW, UNPROCESSED, UNADULTERATED.

This is something which you rarely find in other vendors.

There are various parameters for checking the quality of milk on different levels. Our milk goes through strict quality checks on high tech machines on a regular basis. It is uploaded regularly on our site so that you know what you consume. To make you understand better-detailed guide to it is present in the blog section or click here.

FarmlyFresh milk is pure, natural, raw milk obtained from livestock raised according to best dairy methods. That is, they are fed on a very high-quality diet, their milk is obtained without contamination and the cattle are not treated with any hormones. At our farms, we ensure the milk produced retains every aspect of this definition and follow the following practices:

No artificial growth hormones: The cows are not given any hormonal injections to boost the milk yield.

No antibiotics or steroids: The cows are not given any steroids and antibiotics (exceptional cases can be where the ailment is serious, but those cows are not milked or their milk is discarded immediately.).

No stress on the lactating cows: The cows stay in clean and well-maintained surroundings, and live healthily.

No preservatives and adulterants: The milk obtained from the cows is unadulterated and does not have any preservatives which are widely used by local dairy vendors as well as branded milk.

Chemical-free fodder: Fodder for the cows (green and dry) are obtained from the best local resources.

Full control over quality: From fodder to milk to packaging, the entire process is controlled and monitored at the farm.

FarmlyFresh milk is raw, unpasteurized milk. We don’t process the milk – thus providing purest and freshest form of milk to our patrons.

Since we serve raw milk, we recommend boiling it within an hour of receiving it, especially during the summers. We recommend that the customers boil the milk before the consumption as raw milk is difficult to digest unless your system is used to it. After boiling, the milk can be refrigerated up to 2 days.

Absolutely, it is totally safe for everyone in the family, provided you are boiling the milk before consumption.

Scientifically, we cannot establish whether it is A1 or A2 milk, as we don’t have A1/A2 certification available in India. Most milch cattle give milk which contains both A1 & A2 protein, but to what percentage, we cannot commit. It can be in any proportion for a given cow i.e. 50/50, 60/40, 70/30 or vice-versa and so on.

Firstly, the milk available in the market has a certain percentage of Skimmed Milk Powder (SMP) mixed, hence you get curd very thick and creamy (chakka kind of), because of the powder content in the milk

FarmlyFresh Milk is 100% farm-fresh, direct from the udder, so there are natural Solids Not Fat (SNF) which is relatively low in comparison to conventional milk brands

Setting curd with FarmlyFresh Milk is altogether different thing vis-à-vis conventional brands. When you put FarmlyFresh Milk for boiling/heating (while setting curd) make sure that you put/mix culture when the milk temperature is brought down to around 37-38 degrees Celsius after boiling.

Don’t use readymade curd (pouch/cup/matki etc.) as culture, either use the curd or Chaach (Butter Milk) made from FarmlyFresh Milk.

No, we don’t sell products from any outlets whatsoever. We only have one office where we do our operations.

We at FarmlyFresh serve raw milk produced in our won farms. The milk does not go through any kind of processing. Branded milk goes through a process of homogenization and standardization in order to make it last longer which as a result alter the natural process of the milk shelf-life and taste. Our milk thickness and taste would be impacted by weather, local seasonal fodder fed to the cows and lactation cycle of our cows.

We only deal with whole milk that is raw and unprocessed. We do not have other variants such as full cream, toned, double toned and so on.

We deliver the way the milk is extracted.

Whole milk is the most natural state of milk as obtained from the cow. There are no additives or preservatives in the milk. The milk is not processed in any way.

Pasteurization is the industrial method of boiling. Though pasteurization was intended to only kill harmful bacteria, however, over time, this process is being used to increase the shelf life of milk by killing useful bacteria as well. This is done by pasteurizing the milk at higher temperatures & shock heat methods. Domestic boiling is the natural and best method of pasteurization, which only kills the bad bacteria and retains the good ones.

FarmlyFresh Milk is 100% farm-fresh raw milk without any processing or pasteurization and no preservatives or additives. Hence boiling is mandatory within 90 minutes of delivery.

On FarmlyFresh

It is the farmers themselves who through a complex chain of supply deliver produce from their own farms directly to the consumers.

FarmlyFresh is a company incorporated under____ of the Company Law Act of the Central Government. It is also an FSSAI ( Food Safety and Standard Authority of India) certified company. We encourage not only our customers but also those who are curious to learn about our process to come visit our farm and see it first-hand our operation and our farm. In addition to that, we have a highly responsive Support Centre where all your queries are answered immediately.

Also, Consumers are free to get the samples checked at any lab.

We the founders of FarmlyFresh are a group of farmers who have dairy farms having about 200 odd animals producing over 800 litres a day. We do not source milk from any other vendors or farmers. However, if the need arises we would only procure milk form those farms in the vicinity where we could personally monitor the feeding, health and hygiene of the animals and the milking process.

Our farms are located in the Khanapara locality just about 1 kilometres from GS Road.

At present we have Jersey cross, Holstein Friesian cross and Sahiwal breeds in our farm.

If ordered by 6 PM, you will receive the order the same day. For orders placed after 6 PM they will be delivered the next day.

We accept all modes of payment – Cash, Bank transfer, Online payment using CC/DC/Netbanking as well as Paytm or other wallets. We also accept payments via UPI.

We request our customers to kindly check the packaging and the seal properly before accepting the product. Do not accept the product if you find the seal broken or tempered.

If you receive a wrong product, kindly return it to the delivery agent immediately. We will get you the right product within 2 hours.

Orders once delivered will not be returned or replaced.

Since most of our products are made on pre-orders, we do not allow cancellation of orders.

It would be difficult for us to even allow for modifications as our products are highly perishable. However, if you wish to modify, kindly contact us at 7399567360. If it is possible on our part to do it, we will go above and beyond not to disappoint you.

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