We Take Pride in Becoming The First in Northeast India to Home Deliver Fresh Milk in Glass Bottle.



This is how you get what you get from FarmlyFresh

Who Are We?

We are a group of farmers who have taken an honest initiative to serve you fresh, chemical-free and preservative- free milk directly from our farm to your doorstep. We ensure that the milk do not contain any harmful substance which are widely present in our food products today. We are second generation cattle farmers from Khanapara. Since childhood we have experienced the hardships involved in maintaining the farm and obtaining the best quality milk from the cows. But our entire labour and toil is discredited by some of the petty vendors or middlemen through their practices which bring a bad repute to the farmers or the producers.


Hence, we are using our knowledge and expertise in building complex supply chains to make possible that fresh and unadulterated milk reaches to the people on a daily basis. We aim to take these good quality food products to more and more households with the use of technology.


Our Mission and Vision


Purity is our priority. The overall health benefits of milk can only be availed if it is pure and fresh. Keeping you healthy through healthy food habits is our mission.  For that, FarmlyFresh emphasizes on delivering unadulterated dairy products at your doorstep at affordable rates.
We also aim to join hands with specially-abled unemployed youth of our society for the betterment of our services and in achieving our aim of giving back to society and fulfilling the role of a responsible citizen.



Availability of quality dairy products in big cities at affordable rates is definitely a blessing for the people living there.  At the same time, we should also not forget whether or not the producers or farmers get a fair price for their produce which they deserve. That can be done by arranging a proper market channel for the farmers and eliminating the profit mongering middlemen from the marketing chain as much as possible.
Therefore, keeping this vision in mind, we would make every possible effort to ensure that we not only keep customers happy and satisfied but also the farmers.